En la clase de Ingles también "Leimos con Ritmo"


    Eminem is the stage name of Marshall Bruce Mathers, birn in Kansas City on October 17, 1973. Eminem's name comes from the union of both initials, M&M., pronounce in english. His childhood was not easy. He grew up in the absence of the father, who left the home when he was six months; and to which he decline to know once the celebruty had been achieved. He lived in several states with his mother. Deborah Mathers Briggs until they settled in surb on Detroit, when he was twelve.

    The style of music he sings is comedy, hip hop, hard core rap, rap core, conscious hip hop and alternative rap The songs he sings are “Rap god”, “Not affraid”, “The monster”, etc.

    We like him because he sings fast his songs and his type of music.

Jesica – Matias – Lourdes y Camila 7”A” T.M.

Bad Bunny

    Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican singer, started his carreer in 2015.

    His music style is rap, trap and reggaeton. His most well-known songs are “Soy peor”, “Me acostumbre”, “Haters”, etc. He made many collaborations with some famous singers, for example, “Arcangel”, “Maluma” and “Annue”.

    We like him, because w love how he sings, how he writes his songs, his voice and his style. Basically, we love Bad Bunny...

Michelle, Angel y Juan Pablo /”A” T.M.

Anuel AA

    My facourite singer is Anuel AA. He is from Puerto Rico.

    His music style is trap. His songs are: “47”, “Nacimos para morir”, “Te propongo”, “Amor de calle”, etc.

    I like him because I love his songs and his music style.

Brian Perez 7”A” T.M.


    My favourite singer is Arcangel. He is from Puerto Rico. He started his carreer when he was a child.

    His music style is trap and hip hop. His songs are “Me acostumbre”, “Diles,”Tu no vive asi”, etc.

    I like him because I love his voice, the lyrics and his music style.

Juan Carlos 7”A” T.M.


    My favourite singer is Maluma. He is from Medellin, Colombia. His real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias. He is 23.

    His music style is reggaeton and latin urban. His songs are ·”Borro cassette”, “El perdedor”, “Sin contrato”, etc.

    I like him because I love his voice, the lyrincs and his music style.

Brian Suarez 7”A” T.M.

J Balvin

    My favourite singer is J Balvin. He is from Medellin,Colombia. He is 34.

    His music style is reggeaton. His songs are “Ahora dice”, “Si tu novia te deja sola”, “Bonita”, “Sola remiz”, “Otra vez”, etc.

    I like him because I like his music style and lyrics.

Dario /”A” T.M.

Final Poster with all our singers!!!


  1. Lo que hicimos nos gusto mucho, porque pudimos trabajar en grupo sin ningun problema. También nos gusto por que pudimos hablar y escribir de nuestros cantantes favoritos. y porque la profesoraes de ingles exhibio nuestros trabajos
    Jesica Rodriguez ,Michelle Rodriguez y Juan Chavez

  2. Esta bueno pero estan mal puestos los nombres atte:Matias

  3. Excelente Misis Natalia!!!! Very beautiful!!!


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